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A Must visit place in Thekkady : Anakuthipara

Thekkady is mostly known for the Periyar National Park and the reservoir where guests can go for boating. A typical touristic activity most guests to Thekkady do not miss, the adventurous and the nature lovers go for the hikes and treks offered by the forest department, where guests are taken for unique experience where they could see birds, butterflies and other unique elements of the national park and the Western Ghats. Apart from the crowded national park, Thekkady or Kumily is known for the spices, specially cardamom and pepper, which are mostly available at retail stores in the form of a packed branded product to meet the touristic shopping requirement of the destination.

Apart from these, Thekkady offers some of the Magnificent views of the plains of the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu. Geographically Thekkady falls on the Eastern side of the Western Ghats closer to Tamil Nadu. The views are similar to that you see form an Airplane, farmland blocks of mangoes, papaya, Pomegranates, coconut and vegetables, and on the other side is the Meghamalai hills that is part of the Western Ghat extension that comes within the borders of the state of Tamil Nadu. To get such magnificent views to the best, there are certain spots and one such interesting spot is the Anakuthipara within the woods somewhere close to Beaumont Plantation Retreat. Watch the below video to have a clear idea of the place, a desire is definitely going to take a shape in your mind.

At Beaumont Plantation Retreat a trip to Anakuthipara comes as an activity and they take you to this place in a Jeep based on weather conditions. Please feel free to contact them at +91 8593002411 or send them an email to /


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