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Top five things to do at Beaumont Plantation Retreat

Beaumont Plantation Retreat is a small property located around 13 Kilometres from Thekkady on the Munnar highway. It is in a hamlet called Chellarkovil, which has some of the most stunning view points in the whole of the Western Ghats. The view is essentially of the Cumbam and Theni fertile farmland plains. Technically the place falls on the Eastern side of the Western Ghats which means that what you see in the Valley is the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu. The weather drastically changes and the hills receive a lot of rains form the South West Monsoon and makes it more green than the plains. If you ask me which is the best property that has a view in Thekkady, undoubtedly it is Beaumont Plantation Retreat. Here is the top five things you can do at Beaumont Plantation Retreat

Aruvikuzhi waterfalls

The Aruvikuzhi Waterfalls

The Aruvikuzhi water falls is small stream of fall which you can see from the view point that we have at our place. you can walk to this place from Beaumont Plantation Retreat, to a steep downhill where you get to see the waterfall from its top. Its a photogenic location where you have a grey brown back drop up of the valley. It has worked as a suicide point for many. The walk to the falls is almost like a hike which makes it more kind of an activity. The government is building up new infrastructure and a park for people to come sit and enjoy the ambiance there.

The Anakuthipara hike

We relatively do not have large mountains around us, we ourselves are on top of the mountain. The hike to Anakuthipara is basically through a countryside border road, a road between the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The views from here are stunning and it is no wonder that visitors spend a lot of time here. The above video will give you a larger idea about it, skip to the middle of the video to avoid the intros.

Cardamom and Coffee Plantation

Beaumont Plantation Retreat has cardamom and coffee grown on either side of the property. We organise cardamom tours where we show and explain about the plant, the harvesting method, the drying and processing detail and finally how it is graded and categorised into different batches. These batches are taken into auction centres where the crop is auctioned by merchants and distributed and sold within and outside the country. We take you around a tour that explains all of these factors that gives you an insight into the Queen of Spices - Cardamom.

Cycling through the country side

We have a few bicycles at our property. Now the high range country side is very much different in Kerala. The tea shops, the local news at the tea shops and the get together of people are something different to the Keralan countryside. Biking through these kutcha country roads will give you a very unique different experience. Specially in the morning, when you take the bicycle ride, you get to see the villagers brining milk to the milk collection society. Ladies and men going for work in their local attire are all different experience in these mountains.

Honeybee Keeping

We have two honeybee boxes which we preserve. honeybees are getting extinct because of terrible global warming. Kerala is once state in India that has done drastic measures to resist global warming. A million trees are planted every year and preserving nature is alway given strict priority and that is a way of life. Honeybees are something very integral to our ecosystem. They help in pollination and assist in balancing our eco system. We have kept two honeybee boxes which they breed and collect honey, we collect it and give it to our guests to taste. This is essentially natural honey. It would be an exciting session to know about honey and honeybees.


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