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Walk to Kadukka city

Kadukka city is a village close to our place, a typical Keralan village in the Western Ghats. a few decades back – Thekkady, or for that matter, the whole of Idukki district was largely dense forests. By due course of time men from the plains hiked the Ghats, and occupied them. Slowly trees were cut and these became farm lands, for them these village were like cities and they suffixed the village name with a city.. there are around thirty plus cities in the western Ghats. And one of them is Kadukka city ! Truly a village ambiance where one could witness the village life in Thekkady, Idukki district.

Birding Programs

The Western Ghats is home to many birds, being on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. We are lucky enough to be close to birds from both the terrains and ecology. The environment here is also home to a lot of butterfly varieties, we have spotted here the largest butterfly in India (southern birdwing and Blue Mormon), the great pied Hornbill and many more exotic birds. Come experience birding at Beaumont plantation retreat.

Jeep ride to Beaumont Point

Close to our place is another view point which we ourselves call the Beaumont Point. We will take you to this view point by Jeep through a partial off road track. From here you have a larger view of the unending chains of the peeks and cliffs along the Western Ghats. This is almost a Ariel flight view of the Cumbam Valley and at times you have a very soothing breeze. Get your self a seat on top of the rocks and enjoy the dusk sipping up cardamom tea 

Visit to Ramakkalmedu

A visit to Ramakkalmedu is a very popular activity we offer here at Beaumont Plantation Retreat. Ramakkalmedu is a breezy hillock close to out place, seventeen kilometers from Beaumont Plantation Retreat. It is a mythological belief that during “Threthayuga” Lord Rama reached this peek area with Lakshmana searching beloved Sita and wailed “Where are you Sita….Sita…” At Ramakkalmedu, a large sculpture of Kuruvan and Kuruthi is erected. The breezy winds and the panoramic views of the plains of Tamil Nadu makes it a very popular picnic spot as well as a beautiful trekking area. We organize day visits as well as biking programs to Ramakkalmedu.

Walk to the falls

Our location is our blessing, and its true that we have some of the best views in Thekkady. The Chellarkovil waterfalls can be seen from the property and “Walk to the falls” is all about the hike to the waterfalls partially through the off beat route. Once you reach you get a better view of the valley atop from the cliff. Probably we could click a few photographs from you. Back to the property by foot through the village road.

Spices – Farm to Market

The program starts from Beaumont Plantation Retreat on our Jeep, where we initially visit a small cardamom plantation where your will explained how cardamom became a cash crop from a wild plant for the planters of Idukki. Explain and show them how the crop is being harvested and transferred to the Cardamom store where it is mechanically processed. From the cardamom story, we will be going to the cardamom auctioning center, where all these cardamoms from the hill district of Idukki are auctioned and transported to the ports from where they are exported to different parts of the world.

Finally, the tour comes to an end with a wholesome lunch at the planters home or Beaumont plantation retreat!


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