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How did our library evolve from a bundle of few books

It was very recent we thought of painting the rack where we used to keep all our books. I myself did the whole painting and while was taking off the books to empty the rack, I thought I should write a blog post about how we got this small library developed from just a bundle of few books. The first book we had hear at Beaumont was a book one of our guests forgot to take back. We contact her and informed that she missed to take her book, for which she told us that she intentionally left it back as she had finished the book and told us to keep it with us.. We kept it here in the front desk for some time, until the day when one of our guests asked for that book to read.

She stayed with us for two days, reading the book the whole day. At the time of check out she mentioned in the comment card.

“Its a wonderful place to read and why don’t you have set up a small library for guests who would love to read”

She had’nt finished the book and wanted to take it back, for

which she gave us two finished books she had with her. That was how we started to collect books for our small library. Starting from two books today we have almost 250 different books, which includes novels, fiction, satire, drama, romance, horror, comics and other travel guide books. We bought around 20 books to collection, rest of the books have been contributed by guests who have stayed at Beaumont Plantation Retreat. If you are fond of reading, we welcome you to our place to spend some quality time here.


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