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Cycling in Thekkady through Interesting Tracks

The Western Ghats offers some of the best circuits for cycling and we are lucky enough to have the most exciting cycling trails available close to Beaumont Plantation Retreat, Chellarkovil in Thekkady. Cycling in Thekkady has been a very interesting holiday experience for many who have been to our place; the tracks are mostly green close to nature through the country side, check dams, border belts and through different plantation.

We primarily have three main cycling routes close to us. The Border Track, Cardamom track and Country side track. All three are very much distinct from the other. Just more than riding through these wonderful trail, we ensure you see and experience something different, ethnic to Idukki. We embrace Experiential Holidays and it is something core to us. All these tracks are mostly half day riding experience and if you are someone who love to ride a lot, we have go very interesting long routes custom made for your depending on your interest, an example would be a trip to Ramakkalmedu. Cycling leaves no carbon footprints, its healthy, slow and lets you see a lot, and experience local life. Let us explain more about the Cycling in Thekkady circuits that we offer.

Cardamom Track

This is a very interesting planter’s track through the cardamom plantation close to our place. The routes are very much green and have a lot of trees en-route. The roads are partially tarred and country roads as well through narrow roads through Cardamom Plantations. You can see a lot of workers in these estates and learn about how the cardamom is cultivated, the way the plant is treated and harvested. After that we will visit a cardamom store (the place where cardamom is dried and stored). A lot of butterflies and birds can be spotted in this route.

Country Side Track

Country side track is about country side road close to us. We have got a hilly terrain here and so the roads are mostly steep at many places. The local life is very much evident in this track, the idukki lifestyle is stands very much here. You can see schools, local people, church and temples, and finally we finish the ride with a one meter tea from Joy Chetttan’s tea shop.

Border Track

We are located on the border of Kerala – Tamil Nadu, the track is through un tarred country road which runs through the border belt. The Kerala side is on the hills and Tamil Nadu on the plains making it a wonderful route. This is a serene brown route, and the road is very much uneven. If you are lucky enough you could see peacock and other smaller wild beings like barking deer. Apart from other tracks, you can spot a lot of butterflies and birds en-route.

Book you stay right away, shoot a mail to rest is for you to come over and enjoy Thekkady at its best



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